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Angel lust

Hello Kitty lighter

Hello Kitty lighter

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Introducing Kitty Lighter , a stylish and practical lighter perfect for any cat-lover. With its pink rose finish and unique kitty shape, this lighter is sure to make an impression. Lightweight and pocket-sized, take it wherever you go!


Please be advised that the lighter you are about to purchase is type of vintage flint lighter and operates differently from most traditional lighters. Upon opening the lid, the gas will work automatically. However, it is crucial to fill the lighter with gas before use to ensure the best experience and optimal use.


Please note that this type of lighter consumes gas quickly, so you may need to refill it several times. We do not provide any instructions, maintenance, or operational guidelines. By purchasing this lighter, you are doing so at your own responsibility.

Key Features:
- Optimal Performance
: Designed for reliable use, ensuring a strong and consistent flame.

- Refill Before Use
: To achieve the best results, please refill the lighter before your first use.

- Occasional Refill Needed
: While we ensure all lighters are delivered in working condition, they may occasionally require a refill upon arrival.

Ordering Policy:
By placing an order, you acknowledge that you are aware of and agree to our policy. This includes understanding that our lighters might need a refill before initial use to ensure optimal performance.

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